Bloomberg  11 min read
The Biggest Digital Heist in History Isn’t Over Yet

As night fell in Taipei on July 10, 2016, most people in the city were hunkered down to ride out the end of a typhoon. Not Sergey Berezovsky and Vladimir Berkman. The two Russians made their way through the rain to an ATM at First Commercial Bank, one of Taiwan's top lenders.

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Medium  3 min read
Alexa Voice Control Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Voice-controlled devices offer a wonderful level of convenience and increased efficiency in our homes, cars, businesses, and even when we're walking down the street. Not surprisingly, the popularity of this technology is growing. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 46% of U.S.

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NY Times  5 min read
Supreme Court Sides With American Express on Merchant Fees

WASHINGTON - American Express did not violate the antitrust laws by insisting in its contracts with merchants that they do nothing to encourage patrons to use other cards, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

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Quartz  1 min read
China’s financial payments giant is coming for Western Union

On Monday (June 25) Ant Financial, the payments and financial services arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, unveiled a cross-border remittance service powered by blockchain technology. Its release marks the company's expansion into the global remittance market, after an attempt to purchase an American remittance company failed due to political pushback.

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Quartz  3 min read
WhatsApp is getting set to be Africa’s biggest payments and ad platform

Cape Town The ambitions of WhatsApp have remained something of a mystery, even as its reach as a messaging service and as the social media platform of choice for Africans has grown and grown. It has done so without a very obvious business plan and we'd often wondered why.

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Techradar  4 min read
Why big data could mean you never miss a train again

We work with vast quantities of travel data (127,000 journeys are taken by our customers every day) to enhance the travel experience with new, smart innovations. These innovations are designed to help customers in many ways, from saving them money to helping them find the best ticket for their journey in a quick and easy way.

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NY Times  2 min read
Harley-Davidson Shows Why Corporations Cannot Keep Silent in Trade Wars

Corporate America has largely avoided sticking its head over the parapet in the trade war. That's going to become harder as the bellicose rhetoric transforms into action. Case in point Harley-Davidson: The company on Monday announced it's planning to shift some production out of the United States to lessen the cost of tariffs that the European Union imposed in response to those put in...Read More

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Visual Capitalist  1 min read
The World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2018

According to Forbes, the world's 100 most valuable brands are worth a staggering $2.15 trillion. While that singular number is impressive, the publication's 2018 rankings of global brands can be further broken down in other ways that are also quite intriguing. Let's take a look at brands by individual brand value, as well as sorted by relevant industry.

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Blackrockblog  3 min read
How to prepare for trade wars?

Richard explains how to shield your portfolio from potential impact from rising trade tensions. Trade tensions are here to stay. We see economic fundamentals running strong and underpinning our risk-on view in the short term, but acknowledge the potential impact of escalating trade frictions on business confidence-and economic growth.

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The Drum  1 min read
Ant Financial launches blockchain-powered cross-border remittance service

Ant Financial, the financial services arm of Alibaba, has launched a cross-border remittance service that is powered by blockchain technology. The service, which has been launched by the Hong Kong division of Ant Financial's online payment platform AlipayHK and micro-payment service GCash, will operate through the companies' e-wallet platforms to enable money transfers between people ...Read More

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